Monday, November 26, 2007

The Craft and the Dating Game

Chris: This was the first part to get hit by the rock.
Me: What was?
C: The craft.
M: How'd it get hit?
C: It was...let's did it go? [hums theme song from The Dating Game]
M: Are you singing that song again?? (he had hummed it a few times earlier in the day)
C: Yup.
M: So what got hit?
C: Huh?
M: You said the craft got hit.
C: Well, that doesn't make much sense.
M: I know. What's a craft? Like a boat?
C: No.
M: Like a skill?
C: Yeah. Kinda like manufacturing. Blacksmithing.
M: Like from World of Warcraft?
C: Yup.
M: [I go to write all this down, a few minutes pass]
C: [sings The Dating Game song again]
M: [laughs]

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