Monday, September 29, 2008

A chain of cats

Chris: [Chris shifts position in bed, the cat jumps off the bed, and Chris sits up] Uh oh.
Me: What's the matter?
C: I think I just broke the link. One of the cats broke off.
M: Cats?
C: Yeah. There was a chain of cats and one of them just broke off.
M: Buffy just jumped off the bed. It's ok.
C: [relieved and lays back down] Oh, ok.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Electric People

Chris: [laughs]
Me: What's funny?
C: They put the electric guy up before the non-electric guy.
M: Up where?
C: Just there. [points up]
M: So why is that funny?
C: Well, they put the electric ones first. They have no legs.
M: No legs?
C: Or arms.
M: Are you sure they're people?
C: That's a terrible thing to say!
M: I don't mean it in a mean way! I just mean with no arms and legs and being electric, are you sure they aren't just, like, robots or something?
C: That's awful.
M: Why?
C: ....
M: Cripper?
C: ....
M: Are you back to sleep?
C: Mmmhmm.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Megaphones and chicken

Chris: [mumble mumble] lost the equipment. It was good for megaphoning.
Me: What?
C: What what? Where'd I lose you?
M: Well, you were saying something about losing your equipment and something being good for megaphoning.
C: Mmmhmm. [sounds slightly confused]
M: What did you mean?
M: Cripper?
C: Hm?
M: What did you mean?
C: Probably chicken.
M: [laughs] Chicken?
C: [mumble]
M: I don't get it.
C: I don't understand how you could not get it.
M: Well, what did you lose?
C: I already told you.
M: Well, tell me again.
C: Chicken.
M: [laughs] No, you said something about a megaphone.
M: Cripper? Hey.
C: Hm?
M: What about the megaphone?
C: I don't remember any microphones.
M: No, not microphone. Megaphone.
C: Oh, I don't remember any of those either.
M: Ok. Tell me something else then.
C: About what?
M: I don't know, whatever you want. What kind of chicken?
C: I dunno.
M: Is it alive or are you eating it?
C: No, you're eating it.
M: Oh, ok. Not like the bald eagles though?
C: No.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm a pain >:)

Chris: Nedegg.
Me: What?
C: It's transporting government property.
M: Nittig?
C: [enunciating each syllable clearly for me] Ned-egg.
M: What's a nedegg?
C: Well, you's your cargo. Nedegg.
M: Do I have a boat?
C: Ehm, no.
M: I have a plane?
C: No.
M: Where is my cargo?
C: Somewhere in the nedegg.
M: What is a nedegg though?
C: I dunno.
M: Well, describe it for me.
M: Cripper?
C: Hmm?
M: Describe it for me.
M: Hey! Describe it for me!
C: [grunt]
M: What's a nedegg?
M: No, don't go back to sleep yet! Wait! Hey! [pokes Chris]
M: Hey!! [getting louder, trying to wake him]
M: Cripper? [pokes Chris again]
C: Ow.
M: [laughing] What's a nedegg?
M: Cripper! Come on, this is for the website! [still poking]
C: Ow.
M: What's a nedegg? [shoves a little]
C: [grunt]
M: [laughs] What is it?
C: Nooo.
M: [laughs] No what?
C: Oww.
M: What is a nedegg??
C: [slightly exasperated] I don't know!
M: Tell me!
C: What do you need to know?
M: Are you awake now?
C: Probably!
M: Aw, you're a party pooper.

Teehee, I was a bit of a pain. What can I say? I'm desperate for material! He's been too quiet lately!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Chris: [mumbles something about ammo]
Me: Why do you need ammo?
C: For the competition.
M: You're in a competition?
C: We both are.
M: I'm shooting a gun??
C: Yeah.
M: Can I use a bow and arrow instead?
C: Are you good at it?
M: Sure. (I've shot an arrow like twice in my life, during a gym class in middle school, I'm sure I'm far from good.)
C: Ok then.
M: I don't have to shoot an animal do I?
C: Not right now.
M: [gasp] I don't want to shoot any animals!!
C: Sissy.
M: No! Animals are nice!
C: [mumble longer intelligible]