Thursday, September 4, 2008


Chris: [mumbles something about ammo]
Me: Why do you need ammo?
C: For the competition.
M: You're in a competition?
C: We both are.
M: I'm shooting a gun??
C: Yeah.
M: Can I use a bow and arrow instead?
C: Are you good at it?
M: Sure. (I've shot an arrow like twice in my life, during a gym class in middle school, I'm sure I'm far from good.)
C: Ok then.
M: I don't have to shoot an animal do I?
C: Not right now.
M: [gasp] I don't want to shoot any animals!!
C: Sissy.
M: No! Animals are nice!
C: [mumble longer intelligible]


steph said...

i love that he said sissy!

Hill Country Hippie said...

I love it that he called you a boozehound!