Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pinot Grigio

Chris: It doesn't sound like the right kind.
Me: Right kind of what?
C: Pinot something something something.
M: Pinot grigio?
C: Something like that. [under breath]: Boozehound.
M: Hey! Did you just call me boozehound?? I am not!
C: Whatever. [pretends to snore]
M: Are you pretending to snore?
C: Yes. [pretends to snore again]
M: [laughs]
C: Just keep it around for the getaway.
M: What? Are you planning a heist?
C: No. It's just courteous.
M: To provide a getaway?
C: Yes. For the lab people.
M: Why do they need it?
C: To get away from the mess.
M: Well, that's not very courteous. To just leave a mess?
C: Only the first time.
M: Who will clean it up?
C: Just think of how much less will be left behind.
M: Um, ok.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kitcher cable

Chris: [laughs] That's awfully weak for a kitcher.
Me: A what?
C: Kitcher.
M: What's a kitcher?
C: [now talking in a weird southern /western movie accent] Kitcher cable. For dueling.
C: Yessir.
M: Are you from the old west?
C: Yes.
M: So what's a kitcher cable?
C: It's thin.
M: Is it a dagger?
C: Yeah.
M: Do you have to be skilled to use it?
C: Yes, very much.
M: Are you going to duel me?
C: Yessir.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Fearsome Variety

Chris: There are some bugs of the fearsome variety over there. [points at wall]
Me: Fearsome?
C: Yeah.
M: What kind?
C: Disney [mumble, mumble]
M: Disney? Wouldn't they be cute then?
C: Only the first hundred or so.
M: Oh, the rest aren't?
C: No.
M: How are they fearsome?
C: .... [falls asleep]

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Someone needs some paper!

It has happened again! A few nights ago, I was the one talking in my sleep! Unfortunately, Chris didn't write down what I said and so only remembers a gist of what it was about. Apparently, when his alarm went off, I sat up, looked at him, and started frantically asking if what was going on was going to stop (I appeared not to realize it was his alarm clock going off). I don't remember doing this at all.

I do know that I've woken up a few times in the past few weeks thinking there's a spider nearby, feeling quite certain of it and really freaked out, but I've usually been able to figure out it was a dream or something. I really need to get over this spider thing...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Tickle Books

Chris: Why is it telling him to smile?
Me: What?
C: The book.
M: What book?
C: The one on the commercial.
M: How does it make him smile?
C: It says "tickle me" or something.
M: And who is the book making smile?
C: Malfoy.

*Chris has never read any of the Harry Potter books. I'm a huge fan, and do try to persuade him to read the books by leaving them on his nightstand - maybe that's where he got this. :)