Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pinot Grigio

Chris: It doesn't sound like the right kind.
Me: Right kind of what?
C: Pinot something something something.
M: Pinot grigio?
C: Something like that. [under breath]: Boozehound.
M: Hey! Did you just call me boozehound?? I am not!
C: Whatever. [pretends to snore]
M: Are you pretending to snore?
C: Yes. [pretends to snore again]
M: [laughs]
C: Just keep it around for the getaway.
M: What? Are you planning a heist?
C: No. It's just courteous.
M: To provide a getaway?
C: Yes. For the lab people.
M: Why do they need it?
C: To get away from the mess.
M: Well, that's not very courteous. To just leave a mess?
C: Only the first time.
M: Who will clean it up?
C: Just think of how much less will be left behind.
M: Um, ok.

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