Friday, September 26, 2008

Electric People

Chris: [laughs]
Me: What's funny?
C: They put the electric guy up before the non-electric guy.
M: Up where?
C: Just there. [points up]
M: So why is that funny?
C: Well, they put the electric ones first. They have no legs.
M: No legs?
C: Or arms.
M: Are you sure they're people?
C: That's a terrible thing to say!
M: I don't mean it in a mean way! I just mean with no arms and legs and being electric, are you sure they aren't just, like, robots or something?
C: That's awful.
M: Why?
C: ....
M: Cripper?
C: ....
M: Are you back to sleep?
C: Mmmhmm.

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