Sunday, September 21, 2008

Megaphones and chicken

Chris: [mumble mumble] lost the equipment. It was good for megaphoning.
Me: What?
C: What what? Where'd I lose you?
M: Well, you were saying something about losing your equipment and something being good for megaphoning.
C: Mmmhmm. [sounds slightly confused]
M: What did you mean?
M: Cripper?
C: Hm?
M: What did you mean?
C: Probably chicken.
M: [laughs] Chicken?
C: [mumble]
M: I don't get it.
C: I don't understand how you could not get it.
M: Well, what did you lose?
C: I already told you.
M: Well, tell me again.
C: Chicken.
M: [laughs] No, you said something about a megaphone.
M: Cripper? Hey.
C: Hm?
M: What about the megaphone?
C: I don't remember any microphones.
M: No, not microphone. Megaphone.
C: Oh, I don't remember any of those either.
M: Ok. Tell me something else then.
C: About what?
M: I don't know, whatever you want. What kind of chicken?
C: I dunno.
M: Is it alive or are you eating it?
C: No, you're eating it.
M: Oh, ok. Not like the bald eagles though?
C: No.

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