Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mice and Ink

Chris: Uh oh.
Me: What?
C: I forget, what it was, but someone didn't pay attention to the, uh, to the guy who was inking.
M: Mmmhmm...
C: ...and the person who was getting inked, like, wasn't narrating properly, so [laughs] when, uh, when he was talking, the little mice he was generating were just running amok. They weren't actually concentrated anywhere.
M: Mmmhmm...
C: It's uh, all over the place. Just, uh, it's the way it seemed.
M: Why were there mice there?
C: It's from the tattoo.
M: Mice come out of tattoos?
C: No, not always.
M: Only sometimes?
C: These specifically.
M: Oh. Is everything ok now?
C: Well, they made quite a mess.
M: Who cleaned it up?
C: No one yet.
M: Oh.
C: It's gonna take a while.

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