Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fuzzy Arms and Dope

Chris: [rolls over] Argh! [flops arm]
Me: Arm asleep?
C: Yeah. Finally. [flings arm toward head and pokes eye] Ow.
M: Finally? Did you want it to fall asleep?
C: Yeah, I've been waiting.
M: Why??
C: Because then it's someone else's arm putting the ammonia into the dope.
M: Dope?? Like drugs?!
C: No. The polymer dope. In the jar here. [points at nothing]
M: Oh, at work?
C: Yeah.
M: Why would you want your arm asleep for that?
C: Uh...
M: Wouldn't that be dangerous?
C: Um...yeah.


Chii Wey said...

dreaming about work!!!! nerddddddd!!!

Christopher said...

@Belinda-Wey: I don't have any control over any of it!

@Mel: I think I should probably clarify that "dope" is rather unfortunately named. At the plant, we call our polymer "dope." I have no clue why. It is, however, a fantastic topic of discussion when in public, like restaurants or elevators.

steph said...

ha! i love it -- i really have to try and record pete's a little bit better, now that he's become a regular sleep walker!