Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pinky and the Brain?

Chris: [thumbs up at me] Good job in there.
Me: Doing what?
C: Collecting the samples in the lab.
M: Why was I in the lab with you?
C: I only have two hands.
M: But I don't work there.
C: It doesn't matter. It's no-brainer work.
M: Are you calling me stupid?
C: No.
M: Oh, ok. So they just let anyone in there?
C: Yeah.
M: Well, I'm glad we did good. What are we doing tomorrow?
C: Same thing we do every day, Mernitner.
M: [I think I know where this is going, giggling] And what is that?
C: Try to take over the world.

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steph said...

i'm trying to get better at drawing the long conversations out when Pete is asleep, you are the pro!