Friday, October 10, 2008

Leg Bladders

Chris: This isn't going to work.
Me: What?
C: Well, I thought I could get the leg bladder, but it's too small, so I didn't get credit.
M: What's a leg bladder?
C: It's like a small leg bladder.
M: But what is it?
C: You know how there can be a bladder? It's like something hollow in the leg.
M: Like a swim bladder? In fish?
C: [looks at me] Yeah.
M: Do you know what that is?
C: Huh? I don't know....
M: It's a biology term. I don't think you've heard of it. So, what's a leg bladder?
C: [looks really confused] I don't know what that is.
M: You were just talking about it.
C: I was?
M: Are you awake now?
C: Yes. [pokes my cheek]
M: Are you a professional?
C: Yes.


steph said...

ha! was he really awake at the end?

Mel said...

Hehe, it's kind of hard to tell. He'll often insist that he's awake when I'm sure he's not, but this time he did seem genuinely confused about why we were talking about "leg bladders", so I think he may have started to wake up.

steph said...

muy husband does the same thing -- say he is awake when he isn't. isn't it so weird!