Sunday, April 26, 2009

No parking

Chris: [mumble mubmle] document!
Me: What document?
C: Me!
M: You're a document?
C: Yes.
M: You're not a person?
C: Well, that's what you have to decide. Am I a person or a document?
M: A person.
C: I'm not a printing document? Of the [mumble mumble]?
M: Do you have an on/off switch?
C: No.
M: So what happens when I push this? [taps his forehead]
C: You don't wanna know!
M: I did it already! What will happen?
C: Nevada will park on New Jersey tomorrow.
M: [laughs]


lexlane said...

You're husband is deranged.

Laura said...

Haha that is a beautiful conclusion. I like when he goes into the (what I imagine to be) pouty mode where he doesn't know the answer to your questions, but then suddenly comes up with one of these gems!