Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Chris: [chuckles]
Me: What?
C: [in British accent] I don't know.
M: Are you British?
C: [still in accent] I don't know.
M: You're talking in a British accent.
C: [still in accent] I could be British or I could be Indian.
M: Indian? You don't have that accent.
C: [in bad Indian accent] I could be Indian. Everyone loves them in phase 5.
M: Phase 5 of what?
C: [back to the British accent] Take over. [starts dancing]
M: [laughs] Are you dancing?
C: [still in British accent] I don't know.


steph said...

ha! i love that he was talking in an accent!

Laura said...

hahaha I love that he dances in bed!! LOL I just get this hilarious mental picture of a giggly man wiggling his arms and legs gleefully.

Mel said...

LOL, yeah, it is pretty cute. He does this little thing with his fists when he dances - it kind of reminds me of a squirrel or something!