Friday, September 11, 2009

Belly Spots

Chris: [pats belly like a drum]
Me: Whatcha doin?
C: Half a spot on my belly.
M: A spot?
C: No, half a spot.
M: Why only half?
C: The other back.
M: So, it goes through you?
C: No.
M: How'd it get there?
C: I dunno.
M: Do you have a guess?
C: No.
M: Is it dangerous?
C: Oh yes. Very.
M: What does it do?
C: It erases...the untanglers.
M: Untanglers?
C: Yeah, the news and the shows.
M: Your spot does that?
C: What spot?
M: The one you told me about a minute ago. Oh, sorry. Half a spot.
C: Huh?
M: Are you confused?
C: No?
M: You sound confused.
C: Yes?


Christopher said...

When did I do this one?! I don't remember this at all!

I love it how I seem to have the memory span of a goldfish, though.

Mel said...

LOL, it was 2 nights ago, Mr. Goldfish.

steph said...

ha, that is hilarious.

i also love the inhale-o-heezy!

Cynthia said...

I am more in love with youse guys (Philly-speak) ever since I started reading your 'dream talking.'

Mel, I always suspected you had an incredible hidden talent (Prediction: you WILL write a book one day) and Chris, your imagination is wild and crazy... I LOVE it! I hope you have, and remember, great dreams like I do. (My dreams are happy, fun, exciting and sometimes lucid--I have so much fun in my dreams.)

Yiz (P.S.) are the totally star-crossed PERFECT COUPLE!