Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm an awful wife :)

Chris: Are you awake over there?
Me: I just got back from the bathroom. Why?
C: You've been muttering acronyms, like SDT or LDT or something. It had to do with healing.
M: No I'm not.
C: Yes you are!
M: No I'm not. You're crazy. And sleeping.
C: No! I'm fully awake on this one.
M: [rolls over to pick up the paper to write this down]
C: Don't even think about writing this down! I'm not sleeping!
M: Yes you are!
C: If you touch that paper, I'll eat it!
M: [laughing] Ok.
C: [laughing also] Seriously, as your husband, I forbid you from writing this down!
M: I have to! [goes to write]
C: You're the world's most awful wife! You're even cackling!

*I thought maybe he woke up during this one since he was laughing quite a bit near the end, but he says he doesn't remember it at all, so he must've been sleeping :)

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