Friday, March 21, 2008

He finally speaks again!

Ok, so Chris has been really quiet lately while sleeping. I'm not sure why. But now, he finally talked again!! And what a lovely conversation we had...

Chris: Hm..I wonder.
Me: Huh?
C: If a million people took a million chow...ok?
M: Uh huh...
C: And a billion people took a billion chow...
M: Mmmhmm...
C: Do you see where we're going?
M: No, not really..
C: Well, we're doing...[sees recorder] What...what's that?
M: [holding back a laugh] It's nothing! Continue with your thought.
C: No!
M: [laughs] Why?
C: Because.
M: Because what?
C: [rolling away from me to his side] I'm not asleep.
M: [laughs] Yes you are.
C: No.
M: Well, ok, if you're not asleep, I'll put this away over here. [pretends to put recorder away] So, what were you talking about? What is chow?
C: I'll be over here.
M: [laughing] Don't be upset. What is chow?
C: Food.
M: Ok, so what do you mean?
C: What do you mean what do I mean?
M: Where were you going with it? You asked "Don't you see where we're going?"
C: Uh...
M: A billion people eat a billion chow?
C: Yep.
M: So what?
C: So I think Mernitner's evil. (I'm Mernitner - it's a silly name he calls me)
M: [laughs] I'm not evil!
C: Yes you are.
M: Why?
C: Because.
M: Because what?
C: You are.
M: I am?
C: Evil.
M: But why? I love you!
C: ....[is either ignoring me or is asleep]
M: Ok, nighty night Cripper. (my silly name for him)
C: Night.

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