Wednesday, January 27, 2010

He speaks!!

So it appears reading has helped a bit! The first few nights of reading didn't seem to be doing much for his night talking, but then one night he bit me a few times (lightly!...though that's still pretty weird. Ooh, or! Maybe I have my very own Edward!) and the next night, he talked:

Chris: [sits up, points fingers like a gun at nothing] Hey, Behfeh. [looks down at cat] (Behfeh is how he sometimes pronounces our cat Buffy's name)
M: What are you doing?
C: I wonder if there's a capacitance charge or not.
M: What? Capacitance?
C: If there's a charge.
M: Charge in what though? Is that a gun?
C: Well, we'll have to see. If there's no charge, no.
M: Who are you aiming at?
C: ...
M: Cripper?
C: [looks around, looks at me, then flops back down and covers head with sheet] Don't wake me!
M: But were you going to shoot Buffy?
C: No, I'd never do that to Beefy.

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Laura said...

haha poor cat. good thing there was no charge!